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Varizymes is an enzyme reagent company with decades of genome mining, protein expression and purification, and assay development experience. Our scientists have successfully produced and purified over 400 proteins with the goal of developing and improving a new generation of enzymes for applications like PCR and NGS sample prep. With fermentation capabilities from 2 to 100 liters, and purification technologies to match, our staff has experience in delivering proteins for a wide range of applications on the milligram to gram scale. Varizymes is able to identify, optimize, and deliver proteins for the most demanding customer applications, such as our recent development of 50 novel enzyme variants for a molecular diagnostic firm. After identifying the best variants, Varizymes scientists scaled up the production to gram-scale and identified storage solutions for lyophilized and non-lyophilized preparations. Contact Varizymes today to see how we can help your next protein become a reality.

Varizymes offers made-to-order VariSafe RNAs – nuclease-resistant, single-stranded RNA controls that package ssRNA sequences of your design (up to 1500 nt in length) in MS2 phage-like particles for use as process controls. They can be heat-lysed during your detection method or subjected to your standard protocols for RNA extraction from various sample matrices. After contacting us and submitting your desired sequence, >1E12 copies of your target sequence will be sent to you in less than 6 weeks. Varizymes has made VariSafe RNA controls for various viruses including SARS-CoV-2, HIV, FMDV, Influenza A and B, and hRSV as well as internal controls such as 18S RNA and human RNase P. Contact us today to arrange your order.

Current molecular diagnostic methods can independently detect and differentiate only one target per reaction compared to 3-4 in a standard real-time PCR reaction. Varizymes’ TORCH™ Technology enables detection of up to 3 targets (DNA or RNA) in a single reaction. This technology expands upon an existing design and does not require the use of additional primers or probes.


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Take your research and development to the next level by leveraging our unmatched expertise and passion for enzymes. We look forward to being your trusted partner for current and future enzyme and molecular biology needs. Contact us today.

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